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Home Delivery

It does not get any easier. We pick up your personalized VIP bags at either your home or office. We have all your information on file.  Your garments and household items are returned to you cleaned and pressed, left in a place of your choosing. Click on contact us for...

House Charge Accounts

The ultimate convenience!  Grab your orders and go.   We will bill your credit card once a month.  No more fumbling through your wallet or waiting for your card to process.  

Express VIP Service

It couldn’t be any easier.  We provide you personalized drop off bags.  Never wait in line again.   Simple leave you bag on the counter and go.  We have your information on file.

Same Day Service

In a rush?  Need your clothes same day?  If you drop off before our first truck, typically around 8:30, we can have your clothes back same day.  After 8:30?  We can have your clothes done next day.

Households of All Kinds

Bedding, tablecloths, drapes.  These are just some of the examples of what we clean.  Our sheet ironer dries and irons your sheets.  The process leaves them crisp and soft feeling like luxury hotel linens.  Imagine your dinner party with perfectly pressed napkins,...